The Legends of Eifalia

Ethan Alden and his sister Nalia live a normal life in a not-so-normal world. Their teacher is a rabbit, magic is commonplace and mythical creatures are treated like gods. For the Alden siblings, everything is normal in the city of Summervale, until the sun elven prince, Malo Riversong, crosses their path. Being the son of the Sun Haven leader, he is shown to be commanding towards humans. Ethan and Malo enter a hateful rivalry that culminates into a fight.

During their fight, a mysterious power awakens and Ethan undergoes a slow transformation into a dragon hybrid. His only cure lies in the coveted Tear of Altarion, a mysterious artifact capable of granting immense power to those who wore the coveted artifact. The only thing standing in his way is a combat tournament that Ethan has little to no chance of winning.

Legends of Eifalia is an epic fantasy story. This is my first novel, set to be published sometime soon.