The Daughter of Dragons


Disclaimer: This is an active work in progress. Final details may change prior to release.

Tentative publication: Late 2019/Early 2020.


They thought the Blackfang Clan had faded from history. A relic of an era long ago. Until the last remaining tamer returned to avenge her fallen clan, and bring justice to the people who took their lives long ago.

Dragon tamers, those who lived with the fearsome Blackfang Dragonflight, were the strongest in the world. Barbaric in nature, primitive in lifestyle, but strong at heart. Melisaria of the Flame was the next in line to earn her own dragon. However, during the initiation ceremony, a powerful fire lays waste to her village, far stronger than any dragon, and Melisaria, now the last of her kind, went into hiding.

Years later, on her fifteenth birthday, she re-emerges as Melisaria Blackfang, the daughter of the last dragons of the realm. Alongside her fully grown whelpling, Kalithos, she seeks to return to the dragon roost to redeem her clan and avenge her clan by bringing down those responsible. But such a task would require convincing the leader of the Blackfang dragonflight, Mytharion, which will become a titanic effort unless she can prove her lineage.

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