The Daughter of Dragons


Disclaimer: This is an active work in progress. Final details may change prior to release.

Tentative publication: Late 2020

Kanthar was nothing but a legend, or so Melisaria thought. Now, this mighty dragon threatens to wipe out the wildlands, and consume dragons from within.

Melisaria has always feared dragons. Ever since she was little, their intimidating might overwhelmed her. When initiation came, she discovers a bigger connection to them than anyone could ever imagine. Foretellers, those who can see ahead into the future, tell of an oncoming apocalypse, where a dragon could bring about the end of the world.

However, when a red dragon dies at the hands of Melisaria Blackfang and her childhood rival, Mikhal Redclaw, they must prevent the possibility of a full scale war between the four mighty clans to decide the fate of the wildlands, before the great apocalypse comes to annihilate them all.

Coming Soon