The Originality Complex

We’ve all seen it before. Thousands upon thousands of sparkly vampires, superhero squads, zombie invasions, WWII FPS games that copy Call of Duty to a T. That’s not you. You’d rather stand out, be the rebellious one. You have to be original. An idea so completely unique that it’ll become synonymous with you. So you …

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What’s been happening at the inn.

My upcoming short story collection, How A Donut Destroyed Earth, is available for pre-order now. Full of fun and wacky stories, this collection is sure to entertain kids and kids-at-heart. Whether it’s greeting aliens with a cringe concert, a very hungry hamster, or a coming down with the case of Beaver Fever, there’s a story …

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What’s Been Happening at the Inn.

Hello. Happy Thanksgiving to those in the US. It's been a while since I've had a proper update, but I have a bit to discuss about future projects and whatnot. To start, my short story collection is coming along nicely. I have about 8 of the 20 stories written (some half written to be honest) …

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The Occupation Thesaurus Review

I've been a huge fan of Angela and Becca's Description Thesauri series. I've spoken at length on many of the books released so far and while everything can be found on, most of them have paperback versions which I feel should be mandatory for all authors looking to hone their craft and improve their …

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July 2020 Status Update, or the “HOLY CARP I’M ALIVE” Update

Hello. Hope you've all had a wonderful Independence Day for those in the states. Elsewhere, I hope your day was wonderful as well. You might be wondering about the lack of meaningful updates. A lot has been going on in my personal life and my writing life that I’ve been struggling with on a regular …

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