Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse Review

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Spider-Man’s had a troubling history when it comes to cinema. The friendly neighborhood hero hasn’t had a breakout hit, even with his entry into the MCU, Spider-Man: Homecoming, and the upcoming sequel Far From Home. Even with Venom, which I reviewed already, had its fair share of problems that made it difficult for Sony to bounce back. I was cautiously optimistic when they announced the Spider-verse movie that I was hesitant about seeing it since most trailers can look awesome but the films themselves are not worth the effort.

So when I heard that Spider-verse was getting good reviews, I wanted to see for myself. Sure enough, I had a fun time. So let’s get into it and see where these worlds take us.

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Venom Review

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I love the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and how they made superhero movies a viable genre, so much so that people are discussing Black Panther getting an Oscar nomination. Before that, superhero movies were either campy, mediocre, or downright terrible. Granted, there are still films made today that aren’t under the MCU banner that have varying reception. And even before Spider-Man Homecoming, there was a reboot of the Spider-Man series that didn’t go over too well. In that vein, came one of Spider-Man’s iconic rivals. Venom.

When the trailer for this launched, it excluded the title character to keep the mystery. Since then, he’s become somewhat of a question mark and people try to figure out what role it had in the film. Now that the film’s out, I figured I’d at least check it out. So, let’s see how this goes down. Continue reading “Venom Review”

Playing with Imagination: Detroit: Become Human

Playing With Imagination is a series where I talk about video game stories and plots. Many video games have incredible stories and are often overlooked in our society. Today, I talk about Detroit: Become Human from Quantic Dream.


Playing with Imagination: Detroit: Become Human

Ever since games like Dragon’s Lair, the concept of an “Interactive Story” has become pretty popular. Of course, you have game genres like First Person Shooter, RPGs, Platformers and Sports games that are still made, but this genre has both fans and detractors. Some enjoy the idea of playing a story, enjoying the narrative and drama, while some don’t see the point in making a cutscene video game, even though most of these games do let you control the character.

Quantic Dream has made its name for gripping tales, ever since Indigo Prophecy AKA Fahrenheit and making it big with Heavy Rain, their magnum opus. Their recent venture is a sci-fi story called Detroit: Become Human. This might be one of their best adventures in a while and contains one hell of a tale. I won’t give all of it away, but I will give my thoughts so far. So let’s get into it.

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