Fiction Friday: Spell Sweeper Review

A while back, I reviewed The Secret of Zoone, a multiverse novel about a boy who ends up working for a station that acts as the center of the multiverse itself. It rekindled my love for books that I had since I was a kid. A while back, Mr. Födi released a new book entirely …

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Fiction Friday: Beneath Ceaseless Skies #361 Review

I had intended to review only one story in BCS #361, but since the two had a theme going for it, I decided to review both stories featured. Today we're doing a rare double review. A Once and Future Reckoning by Rajan Khanna, and Uncounted Leaves of Ends of Camelot by R.K. Duncan. You can …

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Summer 2022 Update or “What’s a schedule lol?”

I have news, legit news. To start, I’m still alive, still writing, still doing whatever it is writers do. I have a few things to cover mainly about Moonlight Blade. I intend to launch the first two chapters in mid August, just to give you all a taste, a little sample. After that, I’ll be …

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Looking ahead to 2022

Not gonna lie. 2021 was tough. Not as bad as 2022, but it wasn’t any easier. However, I did accomplish a few of my goals which was get my second published work out. If you haven’t checked it out yet, How A Donut Destroyed Earth will be the Christmas gift you never knew you needed. …

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