Black Panther Review


Black Panther Review

Now that I’ve had time to settle, it’s time we talked about Black Panther. I admit that while I was confident going into this, I wasn’t sure if this would be the phenomenon it would end up becoming. It has nothing to do with “black characters can’t sell films” because I do think if the movie’s good enough anything can sell, but Black Panther isn’t a humongously well-known property, until now. It wasn’t Iron Man or Captain America or any of the other iconic Marvel heroes. But I’m happy to be proven wrong. Because a film like this was sorely needed.

This world needs movies that focus on global entities. Exploring places other than America or even the UK are films that need to exist. Add a pure marketing campaign and a reason to care about the cast and you have a formula for success. Black Panther is a film like no other. In addition to being based in Africa, it shows that these types of characters can be relatable badasses without relying on huge amounts of cinematography and special effects. Yes, Black Panther has some of that, but it’s the world and the story that draws me in. I want to be invested in these characters and this film succeeded in every way.

So today, I’m going through my thoughts on Black Panther and what I liked about it.

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