This is a list of current and upcoming novels that I have planned for the future. My entire library will be listed here.

Aetherial Plane

Along this plane rests worlds of magic and wonder, created by god-like beings known as The Pantheon. A powerful clash between The Sin and The Virtue brought about hope for an existence unlike any other. Though humans are a common race, numerous other races, such as elves, animalia, dragons, even fae folk make their homes here. All worlds here shame the same magic system, the same origin story, and races may cross worlds.

The Legends of Eifalia

The Legends of Eifalia is an upcoming YA Fantasy novel about two siblings living an ordinary life in a not-so-ordinary world. A mysterious curse falls upon Ethan Alden that slowly transforms him into a draconic humanoid, and a combat tournament holds his only cure. With little time left, Ethan intends to participate in order to rid himself of a curse that could put not just himself, but all of Eifalia in danger.

Polaris Plane

A unique plane where alternate universes are tethered together to form a mirror universe. On one side, a realm of advanced science and technology. The other, a realm of arcane magic and myths come to life. Earth as we know it resides in this plane. While Earth might be a common setting, there are several snapshots of Earth that can be accessed at a time. None of these Earths can ever intersect, even by divine power. One may be a world of magic in secrecy, while others are celebrated as a new possibility of justice and heroism.

Moonlight Blade