Moonlight Blade

Two worlds. One borne from magic. One borne from science. But only one hero can save them both.

Off to adventure!

Luca Solaris isn’t too keen on adventure, even with Field Day coming up. What was supposed to be a relaxing day at the park turns into chaos when a strange monster attacks Luca and his classmates. But with his magical sword and an equally magical rabbit companion, he vanquishes the monster and finds out there’s more to this than he realizes

On the other side of their world, however, contains a banished group who sought a more perfect life after the great schism. One man, ruling a realm of magic and monsters, seeks to amass an army capable of overwhelming the natural world beyond. All to repay those who destroyed his homeland many centuries ago. Luca will soon understand that his impact on both worlds is far greater than he had ever thought possible.

A new serialized tale in ten-episode “seasons.” The story chronicling the tale of Luca and Tsuki, heroes of two distant, yet related worlds that our heroes will jump between. The first episode will start monthly beginning Early 2022 and will eventually expand to a bi-weekly basis.