Do Not Stare Into The Eyes of a Kitsune

A hunter. Explorers. And a magical kitsune that could decide the fate of Japan.

Do not stare into the eyes of a kitsune.

It was an old saying amongst the Japanese. It meant to never let your guard down and always be alert. For Shiro Kawamoto, it also meant something else entirely. That sometimes the truth was hurt more than any myth.

It was the age of exploration. At a time when Commodore Perry’s fateful voyage to Japan brought newfound life into the isolated country. As a simple hunter working at a meat shop, Shiro’s timidness always landed him in trouble. But when American soldiers desecrate their hunting grounds, he is forced to make a choice.

Their conflict awakens the mythical kitsune from its slumber, presenting Shiro Kawamoto with an ultimatum. Drive the Americans out of her land, or suffer punishment Shiro and his people had never witnessed before.

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