This is a list of people and works that have inspired what I do and how I write. This could mean individual works or authors, but they’ve all impacted me in real life and my writing as a whole.

Entertainment that I take inspiration from



Pokémon has always played such an important role in my life. From the creatures to the cast of characters with so many different personalities and looks, I fell in love with this series all my life. The world has played such a huge part in my life that I might be a different person if I didn’t enjoy it. I love this series to death and I always will.



Nintendo, in general, has been a huge influence in my life. The big franchises, like Mario and Zelda, I love and will always love, but others like Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing, Kirby and so many others have impacted me so much. I continue to support them to this day and I enjoy what they have to offer.

Blizzard Entertainment


One of my favorite PC-focused companies, I have been a big fan of this company since the StarCraft days. They could be my all time favorite gaming company aside from Nintendo, and every game they made, I’ve had a fondness for. Their worlds and storytelling have played a huge part in my own childhood and most of my life.

Books that inspired me to write

In The Land of The Lawn Weenies by David Lubar


This is somewhat random of a choice for inspiration. They’re an anthology of short stores by David Lubar that really go beyond what is possible in a make-believe setting. A game that freezes people if they lose, a classroom full of monsters and a kid waking up as a giant lizard monster. They’re such a huge inspiration for me. They’re the kind of stories I wanted to write and it was what made me want to be a writer. I owe a lot to this series.