City of Kaiju


Valor City was once the hallmark of civilization. Everything changed when the kaiju attacked.

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Sandra Lake wanted to get through graduation as quickly as possible after putting up with High School for seventeen years. Just when she thought her life would get better, a massive foot tears her school to shreds and sends the city into a panic. It wasn’t one foot, it was an army of massive creatures known as kaiju. Sandra manages to escape underground, but when her family is separated, with Kelsey, her younger sister, all alone with no hope of rescue, Sandra must take the daunting task of rescuing her and finding their parents.

If only Sandra had the means to fight these titanic monsters, bigger than the many skyscrapers that create this urban jungle she called home. Upon meeting Bennie, a kaiju canine/lizard hybrid too clumsy and cute for his own good, she finds an unlikely ally in a sea of monsters. His innocent nature and size would become their only hope.

The two must survive this chaotic urban jungle and face the biggest, baddest monsters to exist. And at the center of them all is King Obsidian, the kaiju that destroyed her school and started the biggest invasion in history. One girl and her canine friend, vs. an army of even bigger monsters hellbent on wiping out all of humanity.

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