City of Kaiju

City of Kaiju


A city overrun by giant monsters. Siblings separated by terror and chaos. And a large hybrid monster who becomes their unlikely ally.

Valor City was the highlight of the world. During a graduation ceremony, an invasion by an army of giant beasts sends the once mighty city into Chaos. Separated from her sister, Sandra Lake must navigate a city filled with the biggest, baddest monsters ever to invade their world. However, a chance encounter with a dog-lizard hybrid, whom she names Bennie, gives her a renewed purpose for survival.

The only thing standing in their way is the being that started it all: King Obsidian, the monstrous kaiju whose presence alone instills fear into the hearts of the humans they feast on. Sandra, Kelsey, and Bennie must escape Valor City, before they become food for the kaiju army.

The first in my new Short Novel initiative, City of Kaiju is an upcoming YA Science Fiction ebook. Set to release February 12th, 2019. Pre-orders are available on Amazon and Books2Read.