Characters of Eifalia

Characters of Eifalia

The world of Eifalia is filled with a diverse cast of characters from the humans of Summervale to the many fictional races that inhabit the land. Here are just a few you can look forward to in the upcoming Legends of Eifalia series.


The Main Cast

Ethan Alden

Ethan is the main protagonist and the son of a famous adventurer. He’s a kid who doesn’t care about the world around him and would rather be a journeyman than sit through another lecture from his teacher. His world is turned upside down when he succumbs to the mysterious draconic curse. Now, he must rid himself of this curse before it consumes him into a primal monster.


Nalia Alden

Nalia is Ethan’s sister and a gifted magi. Unlike her brother, she is studious and polite, but she always gets Ethan out of trouble. She dreams of joining the Arcane Council, a world body that defends Eifalia. She enters the Eifalian Tournament to help free her brother of his curse.


Malo Riversong

Malo is the prince of Sun Haven, a floating, sun elven city famous for being close to the sun. His abusive behavior puts him above the other races and he wants everyone to know it. His run in with Ethan puts both of them into a rivalry that causes Ethan to unleash his inner power.



The cat-like Picchi are a group of fae who have worshiped the sun elves for thousands of years. Unlike Malo, he is far kinder than his partner and he’s the only one who can keep the elf’s anger in check. Since birth, Pakku has sworn an oath to protect his sun elven partner until the day they die.


Corrin Whitetail

Corrin Whitetail is a rodani, a rabbit-like race hailing from the underground city of Lagomorphia. He is also Ethan and Nalia’s teacher and runs a school, the first of its kind, in Summervale. Nothing is more important to him than seeing his students learn and grow for the future. He is also an assistant to King Edward and oversees many of the educational matters in the nation.