Cast of Moonlight Blade

Luca Solaris

Luca is an otherwise typical middle-school student thrust into an adventure of epic proportions. Rumored to be the child of a once-great hero, he aims to solve the mystery of a book thought to be penned by a famous author. That book, along with a magic sword and his rabbit ally, Tsuki, will be the key to unlocking the mysteries of the other worlds.

Tsuki, Guardian of Narlight

Hailing from the planar realm of Narlight, she’s a descendant of guardians who protect their chosen planes from chaos. When Durin vas Marden unleashes a plague upon her world, she is forced to flee, eventually ending up with a great hero of Arcana. With her new purpose in paw, she finds the Child of Solaris to gift him a sword capable of defeating Durin once and for all.

Sarah Albright

A student of Calverton Junior High, and a childhood friend of Luca’s. Like Luca, she was thrust into adventure when she discovers him and Tsuki planning an escape after being framed for Carmine’s mysterious absence. Now a potential accomplice, she joins Luca, Tsuki, and Cody on an adventure to Arcana to clear their names and find Carmine themselves.

Cody Biggs

Another student of Calverton Junior High, and Carmine’s little brother. Cody was born with a lung problem and developed asthma later in life. As a result, the surgical mask he wears prevents impurities from getting inside. After his own brother tries to take his inhaler, Luca steps in to save him. With Carmine missing and finding a new friend in Luca, he follows them on their quest to find his brother and clear their names.

Hocus, Guardian of Arcana

A cat descended from a line of Guardians on Arcana. Legend claims that anyone who catches this sneaky feline will have any wish granted. However, with numerous tricks and illusions at his disposal, such a simple task isn’t easy to accomplish. One day, Luca saves Hocus from a group of poachers. Impressed by the kid’s kindness and honor, he joins the group and assists in finding Carmine.