Who Is Steven Capobianco?

StevenAndTsuki Steven Capobianco spends his free time imagining himself as a heroic swordsman vigilante. Protected by his trustworthy sidekick rabbit, the two vanquish evil and protect infinite realities from destruction. When he’s not fighting evil villains and monsters bent on destroying the multiverse, he creates stories of imaginative wonder and curiosity. His whole life was filled with fascination: What would it be like to turn into a cat? Be as tall as Godzilla? Fly like a bird? His world is full of wonder and his stories reflect that.Untitled_Artwork

He also runs the Silver Claw Inn, a hub for would be adventurers seeking daily tasks. His basement is a magical lab where he concocts mysterious tests that often end with some sort of strange thing happening to either him or his guardian rabbit. In his free time, he is hard at work crafting the next epic story for many an adventurer to read, scribbling away at his parchment paper with his rabbit by his side.

When he’s not daydreaming fantastic adventures, he is a Long Island native who spends his time playing video games and watching anime. He has spent a majority of his writing life making fan fiction, but when new worlds started calling out to him, he answered like he would any other mission. He dreamed of creating worlds like the ones he would see in his favorite shows and games. Worlds that could one day stand alongside them as creative icons. While he still has a long way to go, his dreams will never die.

Mr. Capobianco writes middle-grade and sometimes young adult fiction about the imaginative journeys to distant lands and realities. Magical, whimsical, and fun storytelling made for those who seek enjoyment. Fun adventures, but at times serious and heartfelt. His adventure is only beginning.