One Week Away!

Welcome, adventurers!

Next week, my short story collection, How A Donut Destroyed Earth, officially launches. I’m super excited to get this out of there. After an abysmal year, I’ve managed to release another book to the masses. This collection showcases my storytelling capabilities and gives my true nature for the kind of writing you can expect going forward. While my previous stories are good, think of them as a soft launch, a taste of what I can write.

With that, here is my full list of titles for my upcoming collection.

  • The Worst Bard In Etherwood
  • Beware The Monster On The Thirteenth Floor
  • The Cringe Encounter of the Worst Kind
  • To Hunt a Devilbird
  • How A Donut Destroyed Earth
  • Emma: Your New Favorite Personal Assistant
  • Beaver Fever
  • The House On Wolf Island
  • Congratulations On Your First Pet Slime Monster
  • Reality Check
  • Hamlin The Hungry Hamster
  • The Mischevious Pal N. Drome
  • Beginner’s Guide to Basic Polymorph

See anything you like? My collection is available for pre-order and will launch next week on the 29th. I hope you enjoy reading these wild stories and much as I had fun writing them.

Now that my collection is good to go, I’ll be working on my website serial as well as my upcoming novel, Legends of Eifalia. Yep, it’s finally time. I’m looking forward to sharing my works with you soon.

That’s all for today. Take care, and remember, the inn is always open.

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