What’s been happening at the inn.

My upcoming short story collection, How A Donut Destroyed Earth, is available for pre-order now. Full of fun and wacky stories, this collection is sure to entertain kids and kids-at-heart. Whether it’s greeting aliens with a cringe concert, a very hungry hamster, or a coming down with the case of Beaver Fever, there’s a story for everyone.


Just wanted to provide a few updates as far as how my stories are progressing. So far everything is going fantastic and hopefully you’ll get a brand-spanking new book out this summer.

To start, the main edits and changes of How A Donut Destroyed Earth are almost complete. There’s still a bit of work that needs to be done with it so I’m pushing the release date back a few weeks to give myself enough time to really make it shine. As of today, the short story collection is now releasing June 29th, 2021. Not too far of a push-back date, but enough for me to edit at a reasonable pace. Plus more editing once I’ve received my editors notes.

Second is that once this is complete, I’ll be posting my newest work, Moonlight Blade, featuring my cast of characters featured on my website. I don’t intend to make this a promotional stunt, but I do want to make this the core of my author page. Those characters mean a lot to me, especially in the past. I’ll be working on both that and Legends of Eifalia in July. Moonlight Blade will have one episode every month or so, and eventually ramp up once I have a rhythm going, but I’ll announce a proper release once that happens.

That’s the main news, but I did want to touch upon another subject. Namely Kindle Vellas. Basically it’s support for serialized content that features a “pay-per-release” incentive. Given how my shorter works tend to be done fairly quick, I’ll show off some preview stories for a future short fiction collection.

In regards to Moonlight Blade, that will be website exclusive and free. Again, my upcoming serialized story will be free. Period.

I make my career on giving you guys content from the heart, and while I can see use out of Kindle Vellas, I have no intention of changing current projects.

Moonlight Blade will be free. How A Donut Destroyed Earth will be published in its entirety, as will Legends of Eifalia and the rest of that series. This is for future projects only and on a case by case basis. After all, I think it’s at least fair I give you all a test run so I myself get a feel for it.

That’s all the news I have for this month. Hope your week is wonderful (mine, sadly, was a hot mess xD). Take care, get vaccinated (please, pretty please?), and remember, the inn is always open.

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