Goals for 2020

Welcome to 2020. Still no flying cars, but plenty to look forward to. I’ll be going over my yearly goals and what you can expect from me in the future. 2019 was a bit rough, but I did release two works. A novella in City of Kaiju, and a flash piece I did for DeviantArt’s Stupid Powers contest. You can find each of them here and here.

Anyway, let’s see what goal I can reach in 2020.

Finishing three books

I know what you’re thinking. But Steven. Your current WIP is still in progress and you only published ONE story. And now you’re publishing THREE?

Kinda. My upcoming novel (hardly the short novel or even novella it was planned to be) will be. Out sometime in the spring. I’ll also work on Legends of Eifalia and Tales from the Silver Claw Inn, my short story collection focusing on a specific theme. I’ll announce details once it’s close to completion, but I finally nailed down a routine and will kick things into high gear come 2020.

The Legends of Eifalia is something I’ve been dying to return to and miss it dearly. Every day, I think of new plot threads for it and hope to make it the best it can possibly be. Once The Daughter of Dragons is on its way to publishing, only then will I put my hardest effort into it.


I will be pushing my newsletter now more than ever, which will include wonderful perks such as giveaways, status updates, as well as free stories on occasion, as well as a short digest on all of my latest blog posts. These go out Mondays on a weekly basis. I should have time to bang these out as soon as I can. I’ll also do the occasional giveaway if I grab enough followers.

Of course, I will expand my perks on Patreon, which, if you haven’t done so already, you can support myself and future projects here. I’ll do my best not to paywall all the good stuff, but 5 USD a month nets you a free ebook at no extra cost, including free access to recently published works on release day. Many of my books will be similarly priced, so it’s a great way to support a rising author such as myself.

The Blog

The blog, which will be renamed to the Silver Claw Bulletin, will resume this year. I will include a list of future short stories and novels, plus occasional topics here and there. Sundays will be new blog posts with a topic and story review alternating weekly. I’ll work hard to maintain the blog going forward and have even set up a schedule for future topics. This month, you can expect the following:

January 10th: BCS story review

January 17th: New Super Lucky’s Tale’s powerful magic.

January 24th: Deep Magic Story Review

January 31st: Star Wars, The Rise of Skywalker review

That’s great, right? With this, I can push an easier schedule than I had before. With my game plan set, I can go forth and push more content.

A lot of the other goals are personal stuff, like attempting to outline before writing (which is the fault of me being a pantser), attending SCBWI events and plenty of content to go around. With that, welcome back to the inn, and enjoy your stay.

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