October 2019 Update

My first novella, City of Kaiju, is finally out! Available through Amazon and Books2Read. You can see a preview of the very first chapter here. Help support a fresh new author with a fantastic read this summer.
I have also launched a Patreon to fund myself and future projects for you guys to read. You can find it here. Any support is greatly appreciated and it comes with cool perks, none of which are pay-walled. All of my stories are available to anyone, Patreon or not, so you have nothing to lose.

Legends of Eifalia Book One Progress

26 Chapters Total. Progress is back to First Draft.

Rough Draft Word Count: 58,364

Will resume either late this month or in November 2019.

The Daughter of Dragons Progress

Rough Draft: 13,491 words

Structure Draft: 24,723 words

Anticipated release: Winter 2019/2020

Short Story Anthology Progress

(Progress begins soon)

3 stories in rough draft phase, totaling over 14,000 words

Anticipated release: TBA

It’s October 2019. Not a lot this month, but there are a few topics to go over.

I am almost finished with The Daughter of Dragons before I send it to editing. I just need to write out a few more missing scenes and clean a few things up but this should be the last month of drafting before I send things off to an editor. I hope to get this out as soon as possible.

On that note, I will be opening pre-orders some time in November with a potential launch date announced around the same time. This is my fourth published work and it’s incredible how improved I’ve been getting. The adventures of Melisaria and her dragon Kalithos are ready to be told. This is another YA project which takes place in the primeval era with the first human settlements. When her rival’s dragon goes berserk, she is tasked to find a cure for the dragon, before madness consumes him.

Also a reminder that City of Kaiju, my first novella, is available now. As a brand new author, it would help me out tremendously. Reviews, feedback, anything. Again, this is my fourth publication and if you love big creatures like I do (especially dragons), then you’ve come to the right place.

That’s all for today. If you liked this post and want to see more, I have a Ko-Fi page set up. Why spend three bucks on a Starbucks Coffee when you can help support hard-working authors like me? Every bit helps and keeps me going. So thank you, and remember, the inn is always open.

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