July 2019 Status Update

My first novella, City of Kaiju, is finally out! Available through Amazon and Books2Read. You can see a preview of the very first chapter here. Help support a fresh new author with a fantastic read this summer.
I have also launched a Patreon to fund myself and future projects for you guys to read. You can find it here. Any support is greatly appreciated and it comes with cool perks, none of which are pay-walled. All of my stories are available to anyone, Patreon or not, so you have nothing to lose.


July 2019 Status Update

The Daughter of Dragons Progress
Rough Draft: 6,845 words
Anticipated release: Late 2019/Early 2020


It’s July 2019. Happy Independence Day to those in the states and Happy Canada Day to the folks North.

Not a ton of news this month, but I do have something important regarding The Daughter of Dragons.

I’ve been working hard on The Daughter of Dragons and things are definitely looking up. I’m loving the direction I’m taking it and I feel it could take me less time to finish it. While we’re on the subject, on Saturday, I revealed the cover design for the book. Made by Antonio García and just as awesome as the others. I’m super happy with this and no doubt hope to showcase more in this series.

I hope to finish this month with revisions next month. It’s been a turbulent few days with me being so busy and trying to handle the many distractions. I am working on solving this bit by bit, so no doubt this has been a challenge. I’m still chugging along, pushing out content and working on my stories. As far as everything else, I don’t have much else to add. Just another month at the inn.

I have announced a patreon account, so if you’re looking to support me, you can subscribe here for as little as one dollar. If you want more stories more often, then help a creator out and subscribe.

That’s all for today. If you liked this post and want to see more, I have a Ko-Fi page set up. Why spend three bucks on a Starbucks Coffee when you can help support hard-working authors like me? Every bit helps and keeps me going. So thank you, and remember, the inn is always open.

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