Captain Marvel Review

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It’s been over ten years or so since the first film in the MCU came out around 2008, and up until now, we somehow haven’t had a Marvel film with a female lead. I’ve talked about how the MCU can improve their diversity issues, even going as far as to make new heroes that are MCU exclusive. But this month, we have Captain Marvel, and this one aims to be the most important movie of the bunch, as this character ties in the rest of the story thus far.

So let’s get into it.

Can’t spell hero without “her.”

The story follows Carol Danvers, who is a kree soldier sent to destroy a group of skrull who seek to use her unique power for sinister plans. However, in her efforts to escape, she winds up on Earth where she gets involved with a young Nick Fury, who together, solve this skrull issue and save the earth while they’re at it.

This movie was very good overall. It’s nicely paced, Carol was a very likable character, it didn’t rely too heavily on jokes, and most of all, it was another great MCU film. Having someone who wasn’t part of the mainstay Marvel icons was challenging enough (Black Panther and Ant-Man know about that), but this film really worked. The story dealt with a lot of the alien lore as seen in Guardians of the Galaxy and kept me engaged throughout.

Seeing how this whole universe came into play was a good touch and set up for Avengers: Endgame next month (Yes, I’ll have a review for it). Nick Fury was an integral role in figuring out Carol’s past and who she was. And also the many twists into who she and her fellow pilots really were. The two make a perfect pair, with their own brand of humor. Carol is witty and sarcastic while Nick is blunt and more direct. They both complimented each other as characters throughout the film and were the highlight of the movie.

While we didn’t see a whole lot of her powers in action, she is the most superhero of them all. Many of the Marvel heroes thus far were either scientifically enhanced, had technology, or had some form of magic. But we never had too many heroes where their powers were gained by unusual means. Sure there’a Spider-Man, The Hulk, The X-Men, but there’s a uniqueness of the Marvel heroes and someone like Captain Marvel is needed to shake things up and truly make this a superhero universe.
What a cute alien monster cat thing >:3


Another oddity I’d like to bring up is the alien cat Goose. The skrull refer to her as a flerken, and while she looks like an ordinary cat with abnormal intelligence, inside, she has a fearsome tentacle monster that she barfs out and consumes the poor unfortunate soul that comes in contact with it.

Being a cat person, Goose was both terrifying and awesome to see. She’s become one of my favorite characters and the odd uniqueness of her really adds to the whole alien feel. No doubt Nick Fury was stunned upon seeing such an adorable creature house such a monstrous being in its mouth of all places. It was a little creepy and a bit jarring at first, but I did appreciate the cat’s inclusion. I kinda want one of my own. Then no one would mess with me.

The origin of origins

This movie manages to tie in all of the other marvel films together. Captain Marvel was the basis for the Avengers concept, the tesseract makes an appearance, and the movie explains why she wasn’t around for most of the story. During Infinity War, when half of the universe was busy being wiped out, Nick Fury made a call to Carol through an old 90s style communicator. Showcasing how important she is if he believes she might be their only chance at stopping Thanos and potentially reversing all of this. While her role remains unclear, her importance isn’t fully explained, though she may have a clue on other planets outside of earth and potentially a path to Thanos himself. However, if Captain Marvel knows anything about how to stop Thanos, then this would make her the most important heroine in the series.

If anything, you’d think Carol was an established character from the beginning. It’s kind of disappointing that it took this long for her to appear. Granted, she’a not as iconic as other Marvel women like Black Widow, Storm, Jean Grey and such. She feels like a true female Superman, someone who should be front and center as the icon of the Marvel universe. She is Captain MARVEL after all.

In a way the film ended up as a missed opportunity considering all that came before it. I mean, Iron Man, the Hulk, Thor, Captain America, the X-men. They’re all iconic Marvel heroes that stood the test of time. If she had been alongside the avengers in phase one, we likely would have had these characters sooner. But, better late than never I guess.

Superhero Feminism

This is a film starring a female superhero in a fandom dominated by men, so no doubt comments of being a feminist movie have sprung up enough to have the male nerds explode in outrage, as if having a female superhero was so horrifying of a thought. Not like we had Supergirl, Wonder Woman, the many female X-Men characters and of course Black Widow.

The fear for these types of films was that it’d make men look bad and have women feel superior, but I never felt that here. To me, it was a superhero kicking ass. It just so happened that the hero was a woman. It makes me wonder why more of these films don’t exist when so many ideas could be made that can truly make the industry diverse. I’d love to see more heroes like Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel take the spotlight.

And that’s really all it is. She’s not particularly taking over and replacing the iconic heroes who have been with us for so long. They’re not going anywhere. Having someone like Captain Marvel doesn’t make the series any better nor worse because of her inclusion. If anything, it add more to it because it feels natural. It feels something you’d absolutely see today, and gives fans another hero to root for alongside the rest of the heroes.

Marvel’s message has always been “anyone can be a hero.” While the films aren’t truly as diverse as I would have liked, this is a good step forward and something that was needed a long time ago. Again, better late than never, but I welcome the change.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I enjoyed this film a ton and might be one of my favorite origin stories. Is it perfect? Not really. The story felt safe and predictable, plus some of the jokes were…eh. However, it did what it should do. Make a great superhero film that made me love a hero I never had interest in before. She’ll be another staple in the iconic Marvel roster before long, whether the angry nerds like it or not. Captain Marvel is here to stay, and I for one welcome our newest heroine.

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