March 2019 Status Update

My first novella, City of Kaiju, is finally out and now in paperback! Available through Amazon and Books2Read. You can see a preview of the very first chapter here. Help support a fresh new author with a fantastic read this winter season.

March 2019 Status Update

Legends of Eifalia Book One Progress

26 Chapters Total. Working on Post-Beta Draft.

Second Draft Word Count: 60,844

Post-Beta Draft Word Count (Will fluctuate): 58,364

Post-Beta Draft Progress: 5 Chapters done.


The Daughter of Dragons Progress

Rough Draft: 10,955 words

Anticipated release: Late 2019


Short Story Anthology Progress

(Progress begins in 2019)

12 planned stories. 3 in rough draft phase, totaling over 14,000 words

Anticipated release: TBA

It’s March 2019.

City of Kaiju is out now, and finally available in paperback. It’s a small book, roughly 25k words long, but it’s got enough content to satisfy even the more voracious of readers. A high schooler surviving a chaotic invasion and a giant puppy being her guardian. It’s fun, while at the same time, heartfelt and merciless. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did writing it.

The Daughter of Dragons is going well. The rough draft is almost done and then, I’ll put my focus back on Legends of Eifalia for the moment to clean the story up and give it to an editor to work with. I hope to get it by either June or September’s #PitMad and shoot for other avenues as well. This one I’d love to have traditionally published and make it into a big series. Most who follow me on twitter know I’ve been promoting this like crazy, so hopefully it pays off.

And…that’s it. Not much else to add. Next month will be different, so here’s to the future here at the Silver Claw Inn.

That’s all for today. Take care, and remember, the inn is always open.

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