February 2019 Status Update

My first novella, City of Kaiju, is available for pre-order. Available through Amazon and Books2Read. You can see a preview of the very first chapter here. Check it out when it launches, February 12th, 2019.


Legends of Eifalia Book One Progress
26 Chapters Total. Working on Post-Beta Draft.
Second Draft Word Count: 60,844
Post-Beta Draft Word Count (Will fluctuate): 58,364
Post-Beta Draft Progress: 5 Chapters done.

City Of Kaiju
Anticipated release: February 12th, 2018

The Daughter of Dragons Progress
Rough Draft: 7,000 words
Anticipated release: Late 2019

Short Story Anthology Progress
(Progress begins in 2019)
12 planned stories. 3 in rough draft phase, totaling over 14,000 words
Anticipated release: TBA


It’s February 2019. Hope everyone is staying warm after that Polar Vortex yesterday.

It’s the season of love, and I love to talk about stories. So let’s get a rundown with a few announcements.

First, City of Kaiju is almost here and it’s DONE! All that’s left now is to wait for publication of February 12th, only a little while longer. You can preorder through Amazon, Apple Books, Nook, Kobo, and wherever ebooks are sold. You can also read the entirety of chapter one, for free, over here. This is my first big work and my first foray into the world of publishing. I’m excited to reach this point and hope you enjoy it.

Speaking of which, I have another book announcement to make. My next novella. That’s right. This one will be titled The Daughter of Dragons. In this story, our heroine, Melisaria Blackclaw, is a human raised by a fearsome dragon clan. Having to fit in isn’t easy, especially when a queendom threatens to wipe out all of the dragons in the realm.

But when Melisaria encounters a young squire named Michael, she begins to see more to humanity than what her powerful father told her. She’ll have to choose between the dragons who raised her and the human life she once lived.

It’s an exciting story I hope to share and it’ll have a late 2019 release date. I hope to send this out for editing sometime in April and work on Legends of Eifalia simultaneously. I’ll reveal a release date and preorder when I feel comfortable announcing it. I believe I mentioned last month that I’d have concept art, but I kinda forgot. I do hope to share artwork sometime soon for all of my works so it’s definitely something I’d like to do. Again, that’s also a “soon” thing.

I intend for The Daughter of Dragons to be longer than City of Kaiju. At least 5k words longer. I do want to keep these isolated and short but this will be part of a self-published standalone collection. I do want my longer works to be traditionally published and that still is the plan. For now, you’ll get two novella works this year. How about that?


That’s all for today. If you liked this post and want to see more, I have a Ko-Fi page set up. Why spend three bucks on a Starbucks Coffee when you can help support hard-working authors like me? Every bit helps and keeps me going. So thank you, and remember, the inn is always open.


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