December 2018 Status Update

Legends of Eifalia Book One Progress

(Progress resumes as of today)

26 Chapters Total. Working on Post-Beta Draft.

Second Draft Word Count: 60,844

Post-Beta Draft Word Count (Will fluctuate): 58,000 [seriously]

Post-Beta Draft Progress: 5 Chapters done.


City of Kaiju Progress

Received line-edited copy. Will resume shortly.

Rough Draft word count: 11,500 words

First Draft Word Count: 14,127

Second Draft Word Count: 17,245

Third Draft Word Count: 23,258

Anticipated release: February 12th, 2018


Short Story Anthology Progress

(Progress begins in 2019)

12 planned stories. 3 in rough draft phase, totaling over 14,000 words

It’s December 2018.

City of Kaiju is available for Pre-order today. The novella will launch February 12th, 2019 which is about two months away. I want this to be a big thing for me and can set me on the path to being a great author, so any support is appreciated. I’ve been hard at work and made this as wonderful as it could possibly be, so be sure to check it out.

The novella is available on Amazon and through Books2Read on most major platforms.

Aside from that, I’m resuming progress on Legends of Eifalia, where I intend to clean up the previous draft and implement new moments and change things up a bit. I’m dying to have this sent out at some point in 2019 to agents and such, so here’s hoping it launches in the new decade.

I also have another Novella planned (I’m gonna get rid of the Short Novel name since novellas seem to be more common of a name). It’s another female protagonist and also a standalone, but it will have dragons. And you know how much I love dragons.

Not much else to add. It’s been a productive week here at the Silver Claw Inn, and things are looking up. As long as I get support, you get more books. In the end, we both win.

That’s all for today. Take care, have a wonderful holiday season, and remember, the inn is always open.

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