More City of Kaiju Information (And Another Preview)

In case you missed it, City of Kaiju launches on February 12th, 2019. I have a few things to announce as far as the story is concerned.

First, the cover:


That’s a nice looking cover right there.

Has that comic book feel to it and shows what’s to come for Sandra and Bennie, as well as the citizens of Valor City. This is going to be a wonderful experience and as you can tell from the cover, this won’t be your typical kaiju story. The relationship between Sandra and her kaiju friend is key, and it’ll definitely make you appreciate what you can do with the giant monster genre.

Second, Pre-orders go live on Tuesday. I know I said December before on my social media account, but that was because I needed time to get a cover for it. Now that I do, it’s time to get things rolling. This will be priced at 2.99 and will be sold through Amazon and Books2Read on as many platforms as possible. If I’m able to, I’ll find out how to make physical copies since this is longer than the short stories I’ve released, but I’ll figure it out before launch. If you’d rather have it physical, I’d wait a bit, but both will be out by February 12th.

I am also releasing the first chapter for free if you want an exclusive sneak preview of the story before it comes out.

And that’s it. Things are rolling smoothly. I’ll send it to the editor one final time and after that, onward to launch.

That’s all for today. Take care, and remember, the inn is always open.

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