November 2018 Status Update

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November 2018 Status Update

Legends of Eifalia Book One Progress

26 Chapters Total. Working on Post-Beta Draft.
Second Draft Word Count: 60,844
Post-Beta Draft Word Count (Will fluctuate): 58,000 [seriously]
Post-Beta Draft Progress: 5 Chapters done.

City of Kaiju Progress
Editing. Will send for line editing after Thanksgiving weekend
Rough Draft word count: 11,500 words
First Draft Word Count: 14,127
Second Draft Word Count: 17,245
Plot Draft Word Count: 19,922
Anticipated release: February 12th, 2018

Short Story Anthology Progress
(Progress begins in 2019)
12 planned stories. 3 in rough draft phase, totaling over 14,000 words

It’s November 2018.

I’ve scheduled the follow-up editing for City of Kaiju, and I feel more comfortable now than I did before. I hope to have this sent out after Thanksgiving weekend and get it back in time to put on the final touches.

As a result, I have a huge announcement. City of Kaiju is going to drop February 12th, 2019. I’m so excited to release what is technically my very first novel. I’m hoping to open pre-orders soon, which I’ll make a separate announcement for, and promote this thing like crazy. It’s been a long time coming and 2019 will be the year I kick things off.

Thanks for those putting up with me, as my website continues to grow with reviews of media, short stories, novels, and so on. I have tons more planned, including a web-story with those two above, so look forward to that.

Speaking of my website, I am considering moving to a self-hosted WordPress and move away from the free version. Though I am paying for this, I want a little more freedom that I can’t get with this. Which means my newsletter will be more important than ever (and I think the follow system here is contributing to that).

This won’t happen until January. Yes, the blog will exist, but I’ll be able to provide more than I could under this service. I do enjoy this type of service, but I want the freedom of a truly customizable website. I want something more “me,” but as far as looks, I’ll keep it a surprise.

Lastly, I’m hard at work trying to get my main novel done so I can eventually send it out for publication. So for this coming year, I hope to publish two short novels, plus an anthology of short stories. It’s a reasonable goal, and if it goes well, I’ll make more of them at a faster pace. But I have to actually work on them, right?

Anyway, that’s the news for this month. I will make a note that due to the holidays coming up, there will not be a Fiction Friday on Thanksgiving weekend here in the US. I do have a novel review for tomorrow, so look forward to that, however, since this one contains multiple novellas, it might be too big for one blog post, so I’ll post one half on Friday and the follow-up on Saturday, so you’ll get a Fiction Friday and a Fiction Saturday. Awesome, right? 🙂
That’s all for today. Take care, and remember, the inn is always open.

If you have any suggestions for future topics and reviews, hit me up on my social media channels and let me know your thoughts. I always read the feedback, even if I don’t respond. Your feedback is what keeps me going, so thank you for supporting me.
City of Kaiju is set to drop on February 12th, 2019, with pre-orders happening next month. A tale of sacrifice, trust, and companionship in the midst of a Kaiju invasion. See a preview here.

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