City of Kaiju is coming soon (First look)

Hello. I’d like to talk about giant dogs if you don’t mind. So I have an upcoming story as part of my short novel initiative and I’d like to spend some time talking about it.

So to begin, I’d first like to mention that short novels are one-off novels that are smaller in scope and are shorter than most novels. Somewhere within the realm of 25k-30k words, whereas my longer works will be more in-depth and planned out, being around 45k-70k words each.

Ok, good. Now onto the meat and bones of the story.

So City of Kaiju follows the tale of high-school graduate Sandra Lake, or she would be had she not endured a kaiju invasion. As monstrous creatures fell from the skies in pillars of light, Sandra must fight for her life in order to save a sister separated by the mighty kaiju army.

As Sandra makes a plan to escape despite resistance from the police force of Valor City, she encounters a kaiju resembling both a dog and a lizard. Despite their opposite natures, the two become unwitting allies in the invasion. The two would have to trust each other if either of them hoped to survive.

This started as a short story, but I’ve expanded it by leaps and bounds. I’ve wanted to make such a story for a long time. I’ve been a big fan of giant monsters for a long time. It’s been a long time coming and I can’t wait to show it to you all.

So as far as details, it’ll be a young adult survival tale. While Sandra won’t be completely defenseless, she’ll use her wits to survive while Bennie becomes the one-kaiju army for the two of them. I’ve gotten tons of feedback and it’s going to get better by the day.

As far as previews, I’ll be posting a few throughout the coming months and I’ll seek a cover artist to inevitably show off once it’s done. It’ll be an amazing cover that’ll truly give it that haunting feeling of helplessness in a world destroyed by these titanic beasts.

I do actually have a small preview that’s very much a WIP. Things could change at a moment’s notice. I’ll provide more details and previews along the way, but I hope you enjoy this small taste of my upcoming kaiju-themed short novel.

Take care, and remember, the inn is always open.


[The whole city felt like a maze, navigating through debris and glass with my dress shoes and ragged clothes. Footsteps, roars and rumbling. I fully expected to see a kaiju pop up with how many there were, but so far, they never came. Seemed too simple for an invasion.

But the lucky streak came to a screeching halt, because a larger beast lay ahead. This…thing…drank from a destroyed fire hydrant that splurged its contents into the air. It had the body of a German Shepherd, or some kind of dog, but the tail and feet of a lizard. It was like some kind of canine dinosaur. On all fours, he had to be no bigger than a hundred feet. It smacked its tongue as it drank whatever water we had left. I had to sneak as best as I could in a place so dangerous. I thought I had to worry about the regular crime and domestic violence around this city, but I never would have imagined running from giant monsters, let alone ones that looked like animal hybrids. Even so, I had to keep moving. Lord knows I’ll only ask for more trouble by staying in one place.

As the glass crunched beneath me, the dog monster jerked its head up and stared at me. I froze in place. Then it came over to me, trotting with every step shaking the earth beneath me. I knew should run, but he’d catch up with me. But instead of growling, or devouring me in an instant, he sniffed me, blowing air into my face like a powerful vacuum, powerful enough to make my hair sway forward with each sniff.

“H…Hi,” I said. “Nice doggy. Good kaiju.”

King Obsidian roared in the distance and fled, the wind sending me onto the hard asphalt. Then, the beast trampled off. Even though I expected little from kaiju, the fact that he spared me left me still. No effort, no growl, just sniffing and drinking from a fire hydrant, because that’s normal now.

Now was my chance. I got up and continued south. I saw a roadway sign up above telling me where the south gate was. 2 miles from where I stood. Again, half an hour from where I stood, assuming I ran into nothing again.

Something growled behind me. I slowly turned my head, my eyes widening, to see a monstrous, reptilian beast. It lumbered on two feet, barely four, and was a tailless brute. Its roar paralyzed me, but I ran on instinct. I had to run. Yet this beast was fast. Slow and lumbering, but for a giant, he was a speedy sucker. I ran into a the alley near a doctor’s office, battered, but not in ruins, and ran through. It’s claws pushed through, but I escaped him. Over a chain link fence, pushing garbage cans away. And then nothing. Did he give in?

Before I knew it, it grabbed me by its scaly claws. He held me tight, my bones creaking. His ugly mug took one look at me and smiled. And that breath. Not that I expected much from kaiju, but good lord. Yet his poor hygiene was the least of my worries.

“Let me go you ugly punk!” I yelled, struggling to break free. “I took tae kwon do. I will kick your ass!”

The beast, as if understanding that, smiled. Then he roared again, ready to chomp down, but before he could, the massive lizard canine from before rammed into him. I landed on his furry behind and rolled off of him. I somehow landed on my feet, but I collapsed anyway. My legs hurt so bad. I feared one of them might be broken.

Yet my possibly broken leg didn’t matter right now. I glanced back as big beast and dog lizard guy clashed, both of them swinging their dagger-like claws at each other. Big Ugly lunged forward, but Dogzilla there shot at its jugular and snapped him. They both collapsed, the winner feasting on the loser’s remains.

Now was my chance. I stood, but fell back down. Instinctively, I yelped, and I held my mouth. Did that thing hear me? Between the pain and the ominous panting, I wasn’t sure. I turned, seeing the giant mutt’s maw bloodied with meat, staring at me with its long tongue panting with a goofy smile on his face. Either he wanted to cuddle, or the thing would kindly eat me given the chance. Maybe I wasn’t ripe enough until now. Pain throbbed in my leg and this kaiju stood seconds away from me. I crawled as best as I could, but I went nowhere fast. He approached me, his thundering footsteps disorienting me. I couldn’t scream, I couldn’t fight back. Yet again, I succumbed to the kaiju. All I could do was accept my fate.

Then I felt air blowing against me again. Hard air, enough to knock me over if I were standing. I opened my eyes to see this dog’s gargantuan schnoz sniffing me. No movements. No desire for food. Probably filled from that kaiju earlier. Just like before…

I lifted my hand up and smiled. “Uhh…Don’t eat me?”

The dog licked my hand, soaking it in sticky saliva. I looked up, and he panted with a big grin on his face, his lizard-like tail wagging side to side and his butt shaking along with it. I couldn’t hold it in. I had to laugh at how much of a mush he was.

“You’re way too cute, you know that?” I said. I sat up. “My name is Sandra.” The dog kept his eyes on me. I wondered if he understood me. “Want to be friends? It’s okay. I love dogs.”

He sat on his rear with an audible thud and panted, his long dragon tail swishing from side to side. He was too much. To think such a big, fearsome kaiju would be so lovable and goofy. Perhaps I’d be safer if kaiju like him protected me.]

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