Stories I’d Love To See More Of

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I’ve reviewed a few stories where I look at it and say “I wish I could see more of it.” So thinking about that, I want to discuss stories I’d love to see more of. This could be simple things like certain plot lines and talking points, while others are more abstract than that. So here are a few things I’d love to see more stories about. Doesn’t mean I expect people to write it literally this moment, but I do have certain tastes. So let’s get to it.

Stories based on other cultures

A no-brainer right? I don’t mind the typical “white guy saves the day” story, but I’m a curious guy. I want to see cultures and environments not explored as often. Stories like Children of Blood and Bone and Rise of the Red Harbinger are a good start, but I want more.
Some I would love to see would be Southeast Asia, Polynesian Islands, Native American, Korean, Japanese, African, South American/Central American, North American (I’m talking colonial era here).
I mean, sure, it’s too much to expect EVERYONE to make these kinds of stories, but I guarantee there are those curious enough to read it if they’re good enough. When I was a kid, I wouldn’t have been interested since I wanted to read stories about myself. Now that I’m opening myself up, I realize there’s so much untold by so many cultures.
I’ve always appreciated other cultures, even when I was young, but seeing and experiencing are two different things. I’d love to visit a few sometime, but that’s if I have the time or money for it. I’ve made a few posts on why diversity is a good thing and as much as I love the next Lord of the Rings or Song of Ice and Fire-type plots, a little bit of exposure could give people ideas no one would have considered. Mythologies no one knew of or would even think to base a fantasy universe around.

Stories about adventure

I love a good political war as much as the next guy, but sometimes, you have a massive world with so many cultures and races, it’d be a shame to let that all be self-contained in one location. I want that sense of wonder I had when I was a child. Seeing a new world no one had ever seen before. Perhaps the hero could be one begging for adventure and their journey takes them all over the world.
Most stories I’ve seen are self-contained in one single place, and while my novel, Legends of Eifalia, will start off like that, it will have plenty of journeying and exploration to be had. All sorts of cultures and worlds to explore, all the animals and natural locales. It’d be a shame not to see any of it.
Rise of the Red Harbinger does a good job of making me explore the world and showcase all the sights and sounds. And supposedly, there’s even more out there. That’s the kind of imagination I crave for. That little region is just the beginning. Think of all the countries you wish to visit. Places you’re unfamiliar with. Wouldn’t it be cool to experience that same wonder in a story with a never-before-seen world?
And speaking of exploring…

Stories about space exploration

Sci-Fi stories set in space are either one of two flavors. Either they take place on a singular, alien planet that’s kinda similar to Earth. Or they’re within our solar system but in the far future. I’ve always wondered what’s out there, what lies beyond our cluster of stars. Heartsong did this to an extent, but I would love to see a fantasy-type story where the hero goes from planet to planet and fights baddies (might be an idea I employ, so just be warned).
Granted, nothing wrong with the other kinds, but I would love to see a new planet with new lifeforms, whether in fiction or in real life. It’s what makes me curious. It would make anyone curious knowing what’s out there. Some stories, like Star Trek, do this, and there are a few others I can think of, but it should be a sub-genre of its own.
Maybe the hero grabs a spaceship and embarks on a journey of his own. Maybe a bounty hunter could go from planet to planet and fight bad guys. I’m sure there are plenty of stories out there, and you’re welcome to supply recommendations, but it’d balance things out from the dearth of military sci-fi or any political sci-fi. People sometimes say all Sci-Fi is political. How about we just get on a ship and explore the stars. That’d be nice.

Adult fantasy and sci-fi that’s more lighthearted in nature

Adult seems to be the place where grimdark thrives and is the poster child for some adult fantasy. Game of Thrones popularized it and other series such as The Witcher made them memorable. But there’s more than just blood and guts. I feel while yes, stories with cursing and sex are well and good and those are what set themselves apart from Middle-Grade or YA stories, I feel those shouldn’t be mandatory for an adult story.
Sure some themes can be adult in nature, but I want to also have a good time. Some fantasy tends to rely too much on heavy violence and rampant sex like it’s GTA or something. I like stories like Discworld because of how off the wall they can be with their world. Give me something adultish, yet goofy and funny. Maybe a little more comedic and self-aware.
Have the common trope flip itself all over the place and try to be unique while also being entertaining. Think Thor: Ragnarok, but with a true fantasy setting. Now that’d be a story I’d read.
I feel too many stories nowadays are being too serious and dark like they’re trying to force any sense of innocence out of their system. I feel being strange and whimsical is just as important. Those stories can still exist, but it shouldn’t be the only stories out there.

Those are my thoughts. Anything you’d like to add? What types of plots or themes do you want to see more often? Do these stories exist, and if so, mind tossing them my way? I am looking for things to read. 🙂

That’s all for today. Take care, and remember, the inn is always open.

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