May 2018 Status Update

May 2018 Status Update


Legends of Eifalia Book 1 Progress

  • 26 Chapters Total. Structure Draft finished. Sent to Editor
  • Second Draft Word Count: 60,844


Middle-Grade Novel Progress

(Note: Progress is resuming this month)

  • Rough Draft complete. Plot Edit Draft underway. 11 chapters compete. Chapter 12 in progress. [Total words and chapters not final]
  • Rough Draft Total Word Count: 19,920
  • First Draft Word Count: 11,013


Short Story Progress:

  • 6 unfinished works in progress, totaling over 14,000 words


Upcoming works:

  • Do Not Stare Into The Eyes of A Kitsune: June 5th, 2018
  • Fall 2018 story.
  • Winter 2019 Story.


It’s May 2018.

If you haven’t seen it yet, my first paid short story is now available for pre-order. I have a second one coming in the fall. This is just the beginning, and I hope to release a work once every three months or so. It’s an easy point to get to and support would be incredible. If everyone who followed this blog bought one, It’d be the best accomplishment I could get as a new author. I am now “published” so please, buy my works and support this site in any way you can.

Now that my second draft is finished, I have sent the first Legends of Eifalia book to the editor. I am so proud of this one and I feel it’s my best story to truly showcase my talents as an author. It’s nearing completion and I feel accomplished knowing I have something worth reading. I hope to get this out to you all sometime soon.

As far as everything else, not much else to say. I’m hard at work on my other projects, one of which I’ll announce next month, so look forward to that. So that’s all I have. It’s light this month, what with my first story coming out. I really want to get my novel out to you guys soon, so look forward to that.

That’s all for today. Take care, and remember, the inn is always open.

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