Coming Attractions: A Sneak Preview of “My Cat Is A Monster”

Coming Attractions is a series where I preview the latest pieces of my upcoming works. I will sometimes give insight on what went down into making the book or short story, as well as specific sections and characters. Today, I showcase my upcoming website short story, My Cat Is A Monster.


Coming Attractions: A Sneak Preview of “My Cat Is A Monster”

I’ve mentioned it before, but I’ll officially say it here. Next week, on April 3rd, I’m launching my website exclusive story for the world to see. It follows the tale of Jason Thomas as his pet cat, Max, undergoes a mysterious change that threatens to tear them apart.

It’s a fun story to share, and while I do have a proper story in the works, I figured I’d make this preview story to show the world the kind of stories I can create. To those who cannot wait until next week, today, I’m launching a free preview of My Cat Is A Monster to give you a taste of both the upcoming story and what my writing style is like. Again, this is a preview story, and my first official story will be announced in the Status Update for April, as well as any future projects.

So here we go, a brief look at the upcoming story. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below, and I can’t wait to show you the real version next week.

Take care, and remember, the inn is always open.



On my way home from work, I thought about Max. I figured last night would be much worse, but trying to piece together his attitude proved to be difficult. I glanced at my arm. The bruise grew worse, and the cut wouldn’t go away. Cat scratches were bad, but I did wash it off.
I arrived home for the weekend, yawning. I knew I was tired, but it felt like I yawned more than usual. As soon as I opened the door, I knew something was wrong. Not only did Max grow another foot, his spikes were more pronounced. His white fur turned a shade of red.
I went to my knees. “Max? Are you okay? What on earth happened to you?”
He slowly trotted over, each sway of his body looked like he was possessed. It was as if he was on the hunt. He approached me and roared in my face. After that, he went to his bed in the corner and slept.
I kept thinking about what caused this. Was it my job? It wasn’t like pets were lonely. Then again, it was just me and him. Even so, this whole “transforming into a monster thing” was beyond my understanding.
Perhaps he was hungry. I did sometimes forget to feed him. Granted, he had food from this morning by the time I fed him, so maybe a full stomach would help. I went into the kitchen and got a bag of salmon-flavored kibbles from the cabinet. Sweet Treats-brand, his favorite. Once I opened the bag, he charged at me.
“Max, hold on, I—-”
With a powerful swipe, he tore it open, spilling food all over the floor. One pile in front of him was a mound. Before I could make any comment, he spewed fire, scorching the kibbles into cooked fish byproduct. He ate it without any sort of care.
I shook my head, saying to myself that this was all a dream. I even pinched myself just to be sure. Sure the roaring was surreal, but the fire-breathing left me weak. I sat there, watching the insanity unfold, but processing all of this in a few days was maddening. I kneeled beside him.
“Max?” I asked. “That is you, right? Are you really…my cat?”
Max ignored me and resumed eating. I tried to pet him, but he swiped at me again. That wasn’t enough for him, so he pounced on top of me. He was bigger than before, so he pushed me down like I was prey to him. His roar sent burning hot saliva splattering on my face. Then he then walked off and went back to bed.
I held myself, watching my cat grow into this evil beast before my eyes. This was my pet cat, who would cuddle with me at bedtime and play with his toys. My cat who meowed every time I came home and rubbed against my legs non-stop. My cat who was more than a pet, but my best friend. That was gone now. My cat was a monster. Nothing I could do could change that.
But perhaps there was a way to get him back. Get back the cat I loved.

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