March 2018 Status Update

March 2018 Status Update


Legends of Eifalia Book 1 Progress

  • 26 Chapters Total. Plot-edit Draft finished. Read-through finished. Structure Draft underway.
  • Rough Draft Word Count: 54,337
  • First Draft Word Count: 57,171
  • Second Draft Progress: 0 chapters completed.


Middle-Grade Novel Progress

  • Rough Draft complete. Plot Edit Draft underway. 11 chapters compete. Chapter 12 in progress. [Total words and chapters not final]
  • Rough Draft Total Word Count: 19,920
  • First Draft Word Count: 11,013


Short Story Progress

  • 6 unfinished works in progress, totaling over 14,000 words


Upcoming works

  • My Cat Is A Monster: Late March/Early April 2018, Website Exclusive


It’s March 2018.

My novels are coming along nicely. Legends of Eifalia is currently getting a physical revision and I should be done with it this weekend. I have a better focus on the plot than I did before and I’ll apply the changes and strengthen the description this month and next before I send it for feedback. The other WIP is going along nicely. I’m liking the story much better now and I hope to reveal it sometime soon, but I won’t do anything with it until I have a confirmed release for it.

My confidence has improved so much and it’s reflective in my writing. I will have something to share soon, so keep an eye out for that.

Speaking of which, I also want to talk a little bit about plans for this website. First, my short story will debut sometime in either March or April of 2018, towards the end of the month. It’s titled My Cat Is A Monster and will be a “preview” story to showcase the kinds of stories I can make. I know I don’t have much to offer, but I’m feeling optimistic that I’ll publish something soon. This does feel like cheating, but again, I feel unusual knowing that I’m an author with nothing to show. I do want to be traditionally published and I’ll fight to get to that point, but I want to showcase the kind of whimsical imagination I want to be known for.

So anyway, this story is about a man named Jason Thomas, who, after getting a new job, becomes neglectful with his cat. As a result, his cat, Max, transforms into a fierce monster intending on letting him suffer while causing misery for his owner. It’s more fun than evil, but it’s who I am. Sometimes, I’ll feature stories here that I want to have for fun and enjoyment and leave the more appropriate works to the short fiction markets.

Also, I want to work on my newsletter a bit more. I know WordPress has a follow feature, but I do want to have more content involved in my actual newsletter aside from blog post updates. One idea was having an exclusive novella, but I doubt that’ll be enough. So in addition to that, I’m thinking about featuring my website exclusive series and release them in chunks, releasing the full chapters after I send it out. I do want to get this done as soon as possible and not keep you waiting, but I’m always improving the site and always hard at work on new and fantastical tales.

So that’s it for this month. Take care, and remember, the inn is always open.

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