November 2017 Status Update

November 2017 Status Update


Legends of Eifalia Book 1 Progress: 26 Chapters Total. Plot-edit Draft underway. 24 chapters complete. 25th in progress.

Rough Draft Word Count: 54,337

First Draft Word Count: 54,093


Middle-Grade Novel Project Progress: Rough Draft complete. 14 Chapters compete. Editing in 2018. [Total words and chapters not final]

Current Total Word Count: 19,920


Short Stories in Progress: 4, totaling over 16,000 words


It’s November 1st, 2017.

Legends of Eifalia is almost done. I have the plot finalized and next comes the structural editing. Making sure the story is final, fixing words, and everything else. I’m so excited to bring my debut to the world soon. My goal is to have this finished and sent to my editor next year. After that, it’s making sure it’s in top shape. I want a good first impression. I’ll be on the lookout for agents while this is in the editing phase.

Regarding the Middle-Grade project, I’m conflicted on what it should be about. So many ideas are in my head, but I think I’ve settled on one that should be entertaining and very much “me.” I wish I could go further, but I don’t want to say anything else since none of this is final. I hope to have a final title possibly in the next couple of months. For now, my focus is on getting Legends of Eifalia done, so this is on the back burner for now.

You’ll also notice that my short story count has dropped. I still have seven short stories in mind, but I’ll consider those that have gone beyond the rough draft to be counted for. Those I want to have published. That number will fluctuate often, so don’t read too much into it.


Anyway, that’s all I have to say. See you next month for another status update. Take care, and remember, the inn is always open.

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