I Bought An iPad Pro This Weekend (Initial Thoughts)

I’m foregoing the usual blog post to announce that I have recently bought an iPad Pro for my writing. I am typing this blog post on my new device as we speak and so far, it’s been a great experience.

So today, I figured I’d go jot down my basic thoughts right now and next week, when I’ve had more time with it, I would go into a more in-depth review of it and give it my final thoughts. Overall, I’m having a blast with this and this may be my go-to tool for writing.

So first and foremost, this is a blog about me being an author. So how is the writing? So far, it’s been really great for writing. While some keys on the keyboard are too short (The shift keys aren’t large enough and I hit the period key when I mean to hit shift) overall, the main keys feel about right. I’m typing normally and while I have made errors in typing before, it’s no different when I had a regular keyboard.

One issue I do have with it is the touchscreen when typing. The way I type, I use both of my fingertips. I don’t do the traditional way of typing, but it gets the job done. However, when my pinky is exposed, it means that sometimes I tap the screen and do something unintentional. It might take a while to get used to since it’s my first time using anything like this.

As far as display goes, this will truly help me out with editing since I can use it as a secondary screen for books like the Emotion Thesaurus and all of that stuff. For now, I’m using it for Scrivener for my stories and Google Docs for my blog posts, but I can easily imagine it for so much more. Once I get a pencil for it, I’ll use it to make notes when I’m editing.

So that’s it as far as that’s concerned. I know it’s short, so I’ll make a longer post about what I like and what I’m mixed about. That won’t be until next week, however.

That’s all for today. Take care, and remember, the inn is always open.

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