Status Update – 6/11/17 – An iPad Pro as a Tertiary Writing Device

Status Update: 6/11/17


Current Progress

Upcoming Novel Progress: Chapter 24 rough draft completed, Chapter 25 in progress

Current Total Word Count: 49,443


It’s June 11th, 2017.

Almost done. I have only a few chapters to go and then the real editing can begin. Still, have no idea when I’ll release this, but I’ll make a big post once I have a better idea. Sometime in 2018 might work. I hate doing specifics, because I know I could slip on them, but I have something to work towards.



An iPad Pro as a Tertiary Writing Device


For those that don’t know, my go-to word processor of choice is Scrivener. Originally I used Google Docs, but I sometimes use that for other things. Scrivener has an iOS app that I use while I’m on break at work to type my stories. I was thinking of getting an iPad Pro sometime in the next few months or so and using it as a tertiary writing device. I had an iPad before and when the Pro model was announced, I never had an interest in it. But when I became a fiction author, I kept considering it as a multi-use writing device. Reading, writing, other apps like note taking and map apps for research. Probably not for extreme editing (I cannot imagine how that touch screen is good for editing. I type stories on my iPhone 6 and I dread the thought of editing on it.

When I’m out and about and just feel like typing words on my Scrivener App. That sounds like a good deal. After all, I’m out and about a lot and the idea of taking my 1 pound iPad Pro with me and the keyboard thing along with it seems enticing. Of course, I still have my PC and Laptop, and they still have their uses. I won’t abandon them completely (even though some would bill the iPad Pro as a laptop replacement. I respectfully disagree), but having a tertiary device for manuscript reading and portable typing (so I don’t have to lug my laptop bag everywhere I go) seems like a good idea.

Anyway, just my two cents on an iPad Pro as a writer. Maybe I’ll post my full experience with one once I actually get it. When that will be is up in the air. I don’t usually get tech (any tech) this early. It takes me a month or so before I buy it. So it seems like a good investment and time will tell if it’ll stick.

That’s all for today. Take care, and remember, the inn is always open.

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