Status Update 5/21/17 – Being a Beginning Writer

Status Update: 5/21/17

Current Progress

Upcoming Novel Progress: Chapter 19 rough draft completed. Chapter 20 halfway finished.

Current Total Word Count: 39,550


It’s May 21st, 2017. My progress with my novel is going smooth. I have a storyline that I’m comfortable with and now, the rough draft begins. Going with this pattern, it should be finished sometime in June. As for release, I hope to have this out sometime in 2018 the latest. That’s my intended goal, anyway and I’m sticking with it.



Being a Beginner Writer


This week, I’d like to discuss my thoughts about being a new writer. As of this post, I have yet to publish anything. I have a short story that I’ve sent to a magazine, one I’ve sent to get beta read, another with a rough draft and a fourth that’s currently in development and a fifth that’s only an idea. That’s a lot of short stories, and anything I write, I’ll either continue working on it or may never publish it.

Unless it’s something I’m 100% determined to get published, like my first novel, I’m hesitant on discussing a specific short story, since I’m unsure if it’ll ever be published in a magazine. As for progress reports, I’ll just say that I’ve been writing as many short stories as I can, ones that I want to be published.

Prior to working on short stories and novels, I’ve done random bits of work. I’ve written personal fanfiction for video games and a few original works here and there, but I never thought about being published. I assumed then that it was a hard industry to get into and I wasn’t cut out for it. In some respects, I’m still right.

I decided I wanted to create more original works and not rely on a fandom so much, so I decided to actually learn the craft properly and see if I can truly get published.

Having just written whatever the heck I wanted for the past ten years or so, I was put off that there was far more than just putting words on a page. I was never much of a reader. I would read whatever interested me and my desire for that is to expand my horizons (I recently bought the Nebula Awards book bundle from Humble Bundle. As of this post, there are two days left), but as far as understanding, I didn’t care back then. Now, since I’m intending on breaking into the industry, I want to show what I’m truly capable of.

I haven’t fully mastered a routine yet. It’s taking me a long time to actually send things off and it’s been a bumpy road for me. I had a goal that I would be published by the end of 2016 when I first started, but I’m learning the hard way that it’s not easy. One short story I’ve been working on took me about a year to fully get it down pat since I’ve been on and off wondering if this was truly for me. It’s been kind of a wake-up call.

I know I have nothing published as of this post, but I’m determined to announce my first short fiction sale, whenever that may be.

Once that happens, I can say for certain, that I’m a published author.


That’s all for today. Take care, and remember, the inn is always open.

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