Welcome to the News Section

Welcome to the news section of this page. Here you’ll find updates about future short stories and novels and current progress updates of current works. I will also at points include random thoughts about writing and other important matters. Not a lot is going on and at most, I can say I’m slowly coming along on future short stories and an upcoming Novel. Every Sunday, I’ll include a status report on how much work I’ve done over the week. The first progress update is around May 21st.

Take care, and remember: the inn is always open.

About Steven Capobianco

Steven Capobianco spends his free time imagining himself as a heroic swordsman vigilante. When he's not daydreaming fantastic adventures, he is a Long Island native who spends his time playing video games and watching anime. He has spent a majority of his writing life making fan fiction. He writes middle-grade and sometimes Young Adult fiction about the imaginative journeys to distant lands and realities. His first short story, Do Not Stare Into The Eyes of a Kitsune, goes on sale June 2018.
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