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Welcome to the Silver Claw Inn. This is the official homepage for tales of the fantastic and surreal. From young readers to older fans, I have something for everyone.

My name is Steven Capobianco. I am a lover of the impossible and the quirky. My stories bend what is possible and recreate a sense of wonder that I had when I was a child. My Inn contains posts relating to Speculative Fiction topics, novel and short story reviews, or just stuff about me in general.

Elsewhere, you’ll find my collection of tales, as well as news of future novels and short stories. From adventures in the farthest reaches of space to lands in the distant past, present, or future, I have something for everyone. So grab a seat. Wonderful worlds await.

Current Release


Do Not Stare Into The Eyes Of A Kitsune

Shiro Kawamoto is a hunter making ends meet in a country changed during Commodore Perry’s fateful visit. His encounter with an American named Geoffrey Brommel brings him on a path of vengeance. At first, the two were nothing more than acquaintances, but when the Americans incur the wrath of a mythical kitsune, his life, and his country, hang in the balance. The mythical fox leaves him with one warning: deal with the Americans, or all of Japan will suffer. With little options left, Shiro must take matters into his own hands, yet his own timidness and lack of English speech put him in more danger than ever. If Japan is to ever know peace, then Shiro must decide between taking the peaceful approach, or defending his homeland, at the expense of his own life.

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